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8 core Mac Pro

Photoshop on Mac Pro with 8 cores

Let me just show you one graph from a hungarian Apple oriented blogger Handras. He replaced the two chips in his Apple Mac Pro to a newer version that has twice as many cores, eight in total. Good to see that Photoshop takes full advantage of the processing power. This baby flies! Hopefully Apple will release the 8 core Mac Pros shortly.

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I would love one. Sure you can send me one to test for you Apple. So long as I can keep it.

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I am afraid unless this blogger (can't read his site) got a chip from Intel, you can't get a pair yet. Out of a dozen vendors that sell intel CPUs (oem and retail), none have inventory, and only one is saying they will have supply after the 10th of January. And the price of each e5345 is (street)$1050 each! So, can you justify $2100 to save 31 secs on a beta application?
I'll think I'll wait. Even the 5160 chip prices are STILL too high, even if you wanted to upgrade a macPro from a 2.0Ghz or 2.66Ghz to a 3.0Ghz Dual 2-Core Xeons would set you back over $1700.

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Speculative: There are reports of 2.33GHz Clovertowns being available. It's not impossible to get a pair from Intel PR either.

Thank you for finding this. There's been quite a few dolts out there bragging about how 4 cores is plenty for now and how only a few marginal extremists will need 8 cores any time soon. I think considering this is Early Beta software running on an Alpha 8-Core FrankenMac with no Stoakley-Seaburg support, that crowd is going to have to eat a lot of crow very soon. I won't be surprised if the final number for the release CS3 Photoshop on a release Dual Clovertown Mac Pro will be closer to 30 than 50 in this test.

Quad G5 video crusher wanting to buy 2.66GHz Dual Clovertown 8 Core Mac Pro for up to $3500 base as soon as it ships since Spring '06.

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