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More logos for you on the web

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I only knew of brands of the world. Only to figure there's a whole lot more! Plenty of bookmarks there! Cheers.

Bro, you need to fix up some sort of a library, seriously!

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Thanks for the links Ivan but I can't read the languages on most of those sites but I SO MUCH APPRECIATE the best brands of the world site. I never knew about that one.

I have been wanting a site like that to get logos for my projects for placement and what not. So this will immensely help me.

Thanks again.

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Good sites.

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nice! :-)

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Ivan, this is amazing.
We are constantly needing Vector logos at the company I work at and these sites will help out so much. Me and my company thank you.

Also, what country is that Coca-Cola one from? I bought a t-shirt at a vintage store last summer with that logo on it and I'm constantly being asked where its from?

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I'm happy to help. :D Now, go click the ads on the sidebar! :D Jokes.

I'm not sure what language is that. I was hoping someone will recognize it. I think it must be one of the 100 indian languages.

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The text is not written in any Indian script, but in the Hebrew abjad, hence presumably targeting the Israeli market (if it's a genuine logo). It says:שתו
סימן רשוםThe letters are:

[samekh][yod][mem][final nun] [resh][shin][vav][final mem]
Note how the third row's first and last letter, being different letters, resemble each other in the logo, but slightly differ from each other in most computer fonts.
Unfortunately, I do not know about Hebrew pronunciation.

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שתו = Shtoh = Drink
קוקה-קולה = Koh-kah Koh-La = Coca Cola
סימן רשום = Siman Rashom = Trademark

andrew harrison

andrew harrison

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do you have a high-res version of the coca-cola logo?

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Try any of those sites listed. I'm 100% sure you will find several versions.

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Really surprised by seeing that huge coca-cola ad in hebrew! :)
It's been 4 years since I've been in my country, Israel.. miss it alot.

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Heres one more for you all. I usually find what im looking for in here.

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