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InDesign Auto Page Number

Here is a problem that has eluded me for sometime perhaos one of you know the answer.

I use InDesign for all of my page layouts. often times I find myself creating seperate files for the covers. This is confusing to clients and can lead to additional chaos if you forget that an element is on the cover page.

My question is this: Is it possiable to set up InDesign to not count the cover pages as pages in the auto number? I want to start the Auto Numbering on page 3 instead of page 1. That way I can include my cover pages and not count it as page 1.

Does this make sence. Sorry to be so confusing. I can elaborate if you need be.

thanks in advance


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In InDesign CS under the Layout file menu, goto Numbering and Section Option. This dialogue box allow you to specify which page to start page numbering. You can even have different sections in your book, either as Roman numerals or Arabic numerals in the same document.

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I agree with gloria. I usually set my front cover/back cover as "A" master and the inside cover/back inside cover as "B" master. Then I start page 1 from the 3rd page like what you want to do.

Calvin Lee | Creative Director

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Might be a little late on this one, but yes I ran into the same problem. All you need to do is start a new section. If page 1 and 2 is your cover, select page 3 in the Pages palette, click on the options triangle to get the context menu and choose Numbering and Section Options. Make sure Start Section is checked, and the radio button for Start Page Numbering at is selected. In your case, you would want 1 to be the value.

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Your suggest was the most helpful! Thanks!

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Set your master pages up with the auto page numbers, and on the 1st page - or any page you don't want the master pages to apply to - click on the pages options palette, and select "Override All Master Page Items". You can then remove any master page feature you no longer want (ie page numbers)...

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I remember this was a headache in Quark. Your simple solution is so obvious I overlooked it for a week. I even designed (like others with this problem) a separate page for my cover. Thanks to your simple solution I can finally include my covers in just one master document! Thank you!

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I have this small problem with InDesign that I cannot correct. I have inserted the automatic pages numbers on the master pages, and every page is therefore numbered. On pages with headings and table of contents I do not want the page numbers to show. If I remove the box, then the pages are not counted in the document. I want all the pages counted, but not shown on select pages.

This is my first attempt at using InDesign. I normally use Quark. With Quark, I can just delete the numbers from the box. I was thinking the easiest way to fix this was to but a box over the page numbers that I did not want seen, but the problem is that the boxes in InDesign are transparent not opaque.

I really need to send this or it won't be ready for the book launch. Any ideas how to fix this problem. I've read previous posts, but they only discuss how to remove master page elements from specific pages, and as I stated this means that the page is not counted.

Thanks for any help, Dawn

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Command/Shift click the box on the page you don't want the page number to appear & hit Delete.

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InDesign CS4

Page 1 is a right hand page, and the only page in the spread. If I send the entire layout to the printer, it does not print correctly, so I when I make the pdf I start with page 2. This works for the print, but not for page numbering. I still have the same issues Mark raised.

So, the next spread is a left hand page numbered 2 and 3. The title page is page 3. How do I have the second right hand page in the document numbered as page 1? I did exactly as posted here to no avail.

When I use the page numbering dialog box and discussed here, it creates another single page spread. This might work if I could have it start a new section at page 3, but I can't seem to do this. How do I make the new section start at page 3 without creating any new pages?

Also, how do I break down the document into chapters?

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i'm not quite sure i completely understand what you're asking here, it's coming across a little confusing to me. but one thing that often screws people up when they're printing double sided like that is making sure you have "print blank pages" checked on. if it's not on, if you have a blank page, InD will skip the page and throw your L/R odd/even pages off.

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OK, I have tried using all of the above methods. I designed the cover at the back of my publication because the page numbers were "off" otherwise. All pages, including blanks, are set to print. In making a new master page without page numbers and applying that master to pages 1-2, that worked OK. However, page 3 is numbered "3" even though I selected start numbering on page 3. All the above comments are mostly confusing, so this may be useless, but I'm using Windows with InDesign CS4. Can anyone clarify further? - thanks

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I want page #1 to start on the second page of my document but when I do that it adds a page between the first and second, then labels it page #1. It seems you can't start your numbering on the page of your document that is an even number, but you can on an odd number. Very frustrating.

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In Quark one way to get around that is to create a new section (or chapter) on that page. Then it starts numbering from 1 again. Not sure if it will work in ID, but there's probably a similar (clunkier) alternative in that program.

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In your pages panel go to the page where you want to to start your numbering with one, be it a left or a right hand page.

So you are now on page two of your document, go to the three little lines in your pages panel and uncheck the option "Allow document pages to shuffle".

Go back to the three little lines of the pages panel to the numbering and section options.

In the next menu select "start page numbering at" and leave the number at one.

Your left page will have the number one.

To get rid of the page number at your document page one apply the master "None" or any other master with no page numbering.

good luck

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Thanks fidel! Perfect solution - really simply explained.

Big cheers for the solution.

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