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Apple iPhone 5 beats Samsung Galaxy SIII in tests

Various tests and sources including Android sites confirm that the iPhone 5 has a very solid build and high quality electronics. It consistently outperforms the competing popular phone the Samsung Galaxy SIII. See these three videos that specifically focus on macro photography, drop and water damage tests.

Why do drop tests matter? It's not only because you want to avoid spending extra money replacing or fixing your broken phone. It is also about reducing environmental footprint. Apple is taking the right direction here. We need longer lasting and more durable products that do not need to be replaced every year or so. Good work Apple.

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Looking into getting the iPhone 5 myself. The more I read and videos I watch of endurance testing of whichever devices I look at the more the iPhone 5 impresses me. I've always stayed away from contracts because phones up until now haven't seemed to be durable enough (despite a users trying) to last the paper-term. I've stuck with prepaid this long because of how disposable phone manufacturers make their device. A few more weeks and I may just sign on the line myself.

Thanks for the post Ivan.

PS: To those who use iPhone's (4, 4S under moderate to heavy use ie. emails, texting, calls, calendar, apps) how does your battery fare? Will it outlast a 24hr day under usage? My only sustained worry save for the screen (a concern with any device) is the battery life. My current phone lasts me 100+ hours but I also don't use the large amount of functions either Android (currently own a Galaxy 551) or iOS devices have.

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It lasts about a day or so. For 100+ hours you need switch off all network activity but the cell phone functions.

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Not looking for 100+ hours, that's irrational to expect while using a phone with features I know (its just what I'm used to now [Max I've had it last with moderate use is 340 hours). Just wanting to make sure I can get through say a 24hr period if need be with battery doing daily tasks one would on an iPhone. That's good though.

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340 hours? Turned on the whole time? What kind of phone is that?

I've got a crappy paygo - sooner or later I'm jumping to the iPhone. I'd like to see an economic uptick first.

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Samsung Galaxy 551, that's with low usage though. Maybe 50 texts a day (only). Typical usage for me is 1-200 texts a day, maybe 1-3 one minute calls per charge and that gives me around 120hrs. I don't use it for business, just private.

The reason I'm wanting to switch to an iPhone is I have my phone in my pocket constantly and my iPod on my hip- I really don't want to carry both for what its worth and I don't keep my ipod with me at all times, whereas my cell I do. It's fun to pass the time, say in the washroom.

PS: I love you qwerty.

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iPhones are more hungry because they're more human than androids x]

yes I'm brazilian xD

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