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Killer iPod campaign from the Australian Police

It's not the first time I'm posting an iPod campaign on creativebits. We are Apple fans after all.

This latest one featuring one is done by DDB Sydney for the local police department to promote listening to your iPod on the pavement. ;)

Surely it's for a good cause, but I wonder what Apple legal will have to say about it.




The headline reads: "Watch for cars when wearing headphones."

What do you think?

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Advertising feels pretty stale these days... Not sure if its the concept that feels overdone, or the dark, over-saturated execution.

DDB Sydney will probably get this ad in Lürzer's Archive or Communication Arts Ad Annual, and it'll justify the huge fees they charge. This pro bono work however, which allowed them to work without the burden of an overly restrictive client. And maybe I'm just jealous.

I doubt Apple will care. The iPod is like Kleenex these days. Culturally relevant.

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I agree, iPod turned into a symbol. I'm sure that Apple will place that fact over considering legal action.

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They should have taken out the actual person and just used the headphone cord to make the outline. It seems too obvious the way it is now.

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I agree!!!

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Nice ads, but ipods aren't the only digital music players out there... kind of pins all the blame on Apple. (And what about cell phones?) I think the ads should have used a more generic music player image. Then again the white headphone cord is pretty essential to make the chalk outline metaphor.

I don't know if the connection could have been made that the person was listening to the headphones if the person was left out of the ad...

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These ads are absurd! Listening to your iPod while crossing the street can't kill you... but chewing on your earbuds while crossing the street juggling lit dynamite just may do the trick.

A perfect example of what government should not be involved in. Where are the statistics to back up the NSW Police Force iPod hysteria? Creating hysteria in media... not so tired of a concept.

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Are people down under seriously that stupid that they need ads warning them to watch what they're doing while they're listening to their portable digital players?

Do their parents not teach them to "look both ways" when crossing the street???

Now THAT's what's alarming!

Seriously now - how many people are actually getting smashed by cars because they're listening to their iPods (or other portable media players)?

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I don't think Apple would have any grounds for taking legal actions as the ads don't make reference to the iPod specifically; furthermore, the designer could argue that it is not an iPod, because it has no click wheel (at least I was not able to see one) and that no iPod has the earphones plug above the screen.

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A lady in New York was hit and killed when she stepped out in front of a car. People on the pathway yelled "Watch Out!" repeatedly to try and stop her, but she didn't hear them because her iPod was in her ears. Even though I think this ad is a bit extreme, it actually has happened alot around the world.

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