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Retrieving lost passwords on your Mac


You probably know that there is an application called Keychain Access on your Mac OSX system. But did you know that you can reveal all the passwords stored in it? Keychain Access stores all kinds of passwords, such as Wi-Fi networks, ftp access, websites, mail, etc.

For example if you have a bookmark in Transmit with a password stored in it and you want to retrieve it you can go to Keychain Access search for the name of the server you are interested in. Select the right key and get info with Apple(Cmd)-I. Now you will need to click the Show password switch which will prompt you for your admin password. Once you typed it in, the password for that specific key will now be visible.

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I love Keychain and having been using it since OS 8.6. It’s saved me countless times when I’ve forgotten that important client login.

Recently though my MBP has started asking for a Keychain login to add or retrieve passwords. I have never set this and it is not the same as the administration account or seperate user account.

Anybody else ever come across this glitch? If so what do I do fix it.



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I've had this problem for years. I carried it from my G4 Powerbook to my Macbook. I tried everything to get rid of it, but nothing worked. I squatted the Apple forums with no avail. Finally, I reinstalled everything by copying my MacPro's installation to my Macbook. This is the only thing that worked :(

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