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FourMatch can tell you if an image has been photoshopped

Fourmatch is a rather expensive ($890) plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS5 which allows you to authenticate images and see if they are original or not. Watch the video to see how the app does it.

I wonder how easy it is to reverse engineer this app and forge all the required signatures on a fake photo in order to get a false positive result.

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As PT Barnum once said - "There's a sucker born every minute". That's their customer base imho. They don't even pretend to claim the plug-in can "authenticate" every image. What happens when the photo is emailed and AOL (or whoever) compresses the image and then resaves it to the recipient's desktop? What happens when the raw image is saved into Photoshop and simply resized but not altered? My guess? They'll fall back onto the convenient excuse they've already provided... "Hey - we never claimed it was 100% foolproof." All this thing does is throw a lot of useless information at the uninformed - classic computer scam.

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This and the obvious question, aside from the creepy celeb-watchers, why would you CARE if an image has been manipulated or not? Are we getting this crazy about copyright infringement where (even if it worked 100%) we need some program to ensure whole compliance? Is it going to give us a scoring grade where if it's not 27% manipulated or above it's classed as stolen or something to that tune?

Waste of money.

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Why the hostility? Tools that help media firms or the courts determine if photos are authentic would seem to me a good thing. The co-founders are Kevin Connor, a former vice president of product management for Photoshop and Hany Farid, a noted scientist in image forensics. Perhaps they actually know what they're doing?

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No hostility, but perhaps they DON'T know what they're doing. If they did - their software would be 100% foolproof. Even they do not make that claim.

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Why not use this free little tool instead?

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Perhaps because it doesn't do the same thing?

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