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Create a PDF presentation from Photoshop

PDF presentations are becoming more and more popular. I guess it's nicer to send one complete PDF file to client that is put in order rather than sending a bunch of individual jpegs.

If you have your jpegs ready there is a very quick and easy way to put them into a PDF file using Photoshop. Open all the files. Select File/ Automate/ PDF Presentation. You will have an option to include all open files on the very top of the window, switch it on.

Now, drag around the files names in the window to put the images in order.

You can select from the options to have a simple multi page document or a slideshow with transition and timing. The latter is great for porfolios, but will only display properly if your client is using Acrobat Reader. Otherwise it will be a simple multi-page document.

In the next dialog window you will have many options. One useful feature is to give a password to protect the document. Unfortunately this feature makes the document lose its thumbs in Preview.

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Very cool post, I didn't know you could make a multiple page pdf in photoshop. Thanks! Also there's a free app called Combine PDFs that does this as well...find it on

Keep up this great site!

Bass. Graphic Design. Junior IT.

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Some of us multimedia "professionals" are a bit older . . . perhaps less intuitive . . . (in my organization, I'm the dummy that test drives all the material to make sure the bar is low enough) so thank you for these tidbits!

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Wow, what an excellent little feature! I'm finding out there's loads of stuff in Photoshop I've never seen before, thanks Ivan.

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i can't find no "PDF Presentation" under automate in PS7, is this a PS8 option?

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I can confirm that it's in Photoshop CS (AKA Photoshop 8), can't speak for Photoshop 7.

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I used CS2.

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I find the easiest workflow to follow like this: I have a batch of Jpeg concepts on my desktop or in a folder- I then drag them to Acrobat in my Dock or APP icon and it asks "do you want to combine into one PDF?" just prior to opening.

One drag, one click. Then in document properties I set the default view to 100% so people aren't seeing something overenlarged or too small- just how you would see it on the web. I know it would require Acrobat but I assume most have it.

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Thanks for this! I was about to download a new program until I found this helpful post!


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thank you very much for this post

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Thank you sooooooo much.

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This was brilliant help!!! very simple to understand with step by step. Thanku very much!! You made it so easy!

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I am trying to place an image in a pdf portfolio as a background. My image is pixaled and blurry. Not good to give to my client. Acrobat portfolio seems to only read jpegs, gifs and png's for the backgrounds. My original file was created in Illustrator, which I then placed in photoshop as a vector smart object. I have tried various resolutions from 72 - 300 dpi. Its not working.
Can anyone help?

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Just create a huge image. 2000x2000px or larger. Then it will be ok.

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Estou com problemas para criar o arquivo em PDF no CS4, você conseguiu achar onde era?

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Please tell me how you do it on the cs4 as the photoshop has no pdf portfolio /presentation in automate?? anyone have a clue ?? I am a student THX

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I've created a PDF portfolio from InDesign, originally I had all the images in low res and some high res jpgs. When I open the complete PDF portfolio I notice that the type comes up all rasterized and the pics looks in very poor quality. So then I created my individual design pieces to pdfs and imported them to the doc layout. Now they look smashing BUT the final PDF file, even if I include only 3 samples of work is now a very big file, even when compressed.

Help! not sure what I'm doing today. I haven't tried the idea with Photoshop. This shouldn't be so hard to do, really. What would be the best way to create this portfolio? Most companies want you to send no larger than 3/5MB files. I want to include more than just 3 pieces.


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I forgot to mention. Your idea of using Photoshop is a great idea however it doesn't work when you want to add text to your images. I need to explain my portfolio pieces. Unfortunately i don't have Adobe Acrobat. :(

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its not letting me turn on the open all files options at the top left of the window when trying to do my pdf portfolio on photoshop

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Hi Ivan,

I have to do some Jpeg file to a pdf presentation. I tried to as you told like file>automate>pdf presentation...Here is teh problem. I am not able to see the pdf presentation option in that menu. Can you pleas ehelp me out. I am having adobe photoshop-7.


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this option may not be available on this version of Photoshop.

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Dear Erika,

I just installed Photoshop CS4 Extended and am having the same problem that you have noted. I need to create a multipage PDF document out of JPG files for a catalog and all of the online tutorials I've found about this say the same thing about the PDF Presentation option. It's nowhere to be found in CS4. Did you ever have any luck in figuring this out for your project? Why would Adobe take out a feature like that?? I'm assuming (and hoping) that they put it somewhere else in the program and possibly re-named it. Any help you (or anybody else) can give about this is appreciated. Thanks.


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wondering if its possible to add a web link to the PDF presentation document that i've created? its an image with text over it. and i'd love to have the text become clickable.



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I keep getting the same advice from all sites I googled, obviously it was an option in one of the photoshop versions but not now (I have CS4) - anyone find the way to do it yet?

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I figured out there is another way to do this.

If you have the CS4 Master Collection or just CS4 Adobe Bridge you can do it with that.

1. Select the files or the collection or folder that contains the images you want to include in the contact sheet or presentation.
2. Choose Window > Workspace > Output.
(If the Output workspace is not listed, select Adobe Output Module in Startup Scripts preferences.)
3. In the Output panel, select PDF.
4. Select all the images you want included
5. Customize the settings in the options window on the right
(you might have to play with this a few is not intuitive at all, IMO! For instance: In the "Layout" section the rows and columns are per page!)
6. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the options window

Worked perfectly for me! Hope this helps someone!

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Brilliant!! Thanks. A life saver for me.

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Please tell me how you do it on the cs4 as the photoshop has no pdf portfolio /presentation in automate?? anyone have a clue ?? I am a student THX

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