Do you ever want to be notified when someone drops a file in your Dropbox or when you receive a fax? Here is what you need to do.

Find the AppleScript folder in your Applications folder and run the script called Install Script Menu. This will put a little Applescript icon in your menu bar for easy access. Click the new Applescript icon in the menu bar and navigate to Folder Actions/Attach Script to Folder.

In the little window that pops-up, select add – new item alert.scpt and select your Dropbox.

Test it by dropping any file to your Dropbox. Following the same logic you can be notified of your new faxes by selecting the folder your faxes arrive into.

Disabling is easy too. To remove the new item notification run the script Folder Actions/Remove Folder Actions from the AppleScript menu. To get rid of your AppleScript menu item just run Remove Script Menu from the Applications/AppleScript folder.

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